It is well known in every circle of knowledge, be it Biblical or in the Scientific community, that there are forces that govern the universe in which we live. We know that the higher the level or authority or the higher the dimensional plane of existence we experience, the more complex are the laws that govern those forces. Laws that govern higher dimensions of actuality are also more complex the higher they go. All too often, the law of a higher actuality will invalidate or set aside the law of a lower actuality; just as adult measures will invalidate or set aside the measures of a child or adolescent.  However, the dimension of the first order (the first dimension) may be considered a pre-law, pre-actualization area in which all existence emerged.

Let’s closely examine the areas of dimensional reference and their links to reality as we know it, while borrowing from an alternate frame of reference… the Quatrenal…

THE FIRST DIMENSION: is represented geometrically by a single point in space. It has also been proclaimed as the place of first origin of all universal elements (before the “big bang”)… the source of all beginnings; the primal force.

a) On the human scale, a child in the womb best mirrors the absolute potential that this “point” represents.

b) Religious reflection refers to this first dimension as the house, or mind of God.

c) This is pre-time, pre-history, pre-science (pre-everything).


THE SECOND DIMENSION: is represented geometrically by a line connecting two points. This is the domain where creation first dawned; sub-particles of matter illuminated the heavens as they joined together to form the building blocks of future atomic particles, and thus the sub-structure of all materiality.

a) The child has emerged from the womb and unites with others to create a family unit, the sub-structure of all societies. Its survival depends on matriarchal love and protection, which the child sees as the natural order. All decisions are made for the child, who instinctively accepts without question because the child is way too young to understand anything else.

The adolescent or adult who remains in this kind of relationship with others because of limited understanding is called simple minded or juvenile; their limited focus is primarily on sense gratification without much thought or involvement in decision making because they rely on others to make decisions for them.

b) In the earliest known civilizations the most sacred religious concept is the matriarchal vision of duality between mother and child. The goddess is ruler of the universe and her daughter is the life-giver who is sacrificed so that humankind can survive. There is no concept of fatherhood authority because all lineages are through the mother in this matriarchal society. Males gain their authority by being a mother’s brother, an uncle, and act only as consort to child bearing females. Male perception is focused outside the domestic domain of maintaining the village and raising the offspring; they are hunters and warriors whose spirit world does not compete with the world of matriarchal beliefs. However, in the realm of societal hierarchical authority matriarchy is supreme; and the priestess like the Great-Mother is highest of all.

c) A good example of a two dimensional civilization in today’s world can be seen in what we call “third world nations”. There are extreme divisions between wealthy and poor citizens, with very few that can be called middle class. Women and children are at the bottom of the social order economically and politically. In general, the citizens are viewed as a commodity rather than a cherished part of the national identity.  There is no long-range planning to manage the nation for its entire people through good times and bad.


THE THIRD DIMENSION:  is represented geometrically by a flat two dimensional plane that is intersected by a line from a second flat two dimensional plane, creating depth in the relationship. This is the domain where creation begins to build the recognized physical universe; completely formed atoms of different elements in specific proportions combine to form molecular compounds that basically have properties different from those of its ingredient parts.

a) The child is now old enough to recognize that it is a small person in a larger world. It has stepped beyond the boundaries of parental security and finds itself being taught to navigate the maze of the patriarchal world; it must now think, and reason in new terms laid out by specific guidelines of male thought.

b) Historically this is the dimension where the “age of man” begins. Village populations and boundaries increase through connections with other villages by marriage and conquest. Hunting becomes an endangered profession because of land cultivation for agriculture and the domestication of animals for livestock. Males begin to carve out niches for themselves within the domestic political hierarchy of this larger social community and the concept of paterfamilias (fatherhood) is established and reinforced by the promotion of male spiritual figures that begin to compete directly with matriarchal authority. Soon matriarchal religious philosophy is diminished, and then completely banned; this forces believers in matriarchal religious wisdom to go underground. The underground nature of matriarchal worship further alienates it from its majestic origins and the negative slant given it by patriarchal devotees further darkens its image and frightens away many potential followers. Over time, all vestiges of matriarchal authority are destroyed and many lives lost as the struggle to promote patriarchal authority over matriarchal beliefs becomes a bloody witch hunt. Still, could it be that the greatest attributes of the ancient Goddess are today ascribed to the anonymous “Holy Spirit”?

Little depth emerges from the estranged inter-relationship of western matriarchal & patriarchal beliefs until the emergence of the “Christ”. The life and death of the Christ brings the promise of a balance within the western spiritual psyche that continues to unfold to this day. The sacrifices of the son of God parallel the earlier sacrifices of the daughter of the Goddess that have long been forgotten in the conscious world. However, with the continuing domination of patriarchal thought throughout the western world by religious – political forces allied against any vestigial re-emergence of a viable Goddess symbol that may challenge their authority, the same forces that re-directed and re-interpreted the Christ’s teachings to fit their own agenda over two thousand years ago – that started the “age of man” are still alive and well today. 

c) The adolescent mind today may not be plagued by the fear of monsters under the bed like the child, but his sense of mortal vulnerability, despite a pretentious exterior of well – being, still echoes his own brand of fear; it is fear of those who are different in appearance and belief. Therefore, for the adolescent to feel secure he must dominate those whom he fears; and accordingly develop a protocol designed to keep the feared ones in their place… i.e. without the authority to dominate him. Those who follow this line of reason soon develop the inflated sense of importance that is passed along to their offspring, and the cycle of fear and prejudice is continued.


THE FOURTH DIMENSION: is represented geometrically by the generalizations of a cube, where each flat plane of the cube extends out infinitely into space; the six planes of the cube in the third dimension create what is called a hyper-cube in the fourth dimension, where distance and time are instantaneous. This hyper-cube is also known as a tesseract. The tesseract symbolically represents the unlimited nature of possibilities that are latent in the Quatrenal philosophy.

a) The adolescent has matured into adulthood, and successfully navigates through the world of paterfamilias, but has also become conscious of the shadow world of matriarchal authority struggling for rebirth into consciousness and legitimacy. This individual has come to understand the significant extent to which creation depends upon matriarchal forces to set it in motion <Mother Nature>; and the equal dependence upon patriarchal forces to shape and maintain it over time <Father Time>. When one of these influences totally suppresses the other, a cultural society suffers badly. When matriarchy suppresses patriarchy, there is no mental stability; superstition and paranoia dominates every facet of society. When patriarchy suppresses matriarchy, there is no emotional stability; there is little real investment in the health and welfare of everyday men, women and children, and great investment in the institutions and symbols of power.

Without reconciliation, these forces, whether matriarchal or patriarchal based, will continue to label the other as a symbol of evil that the masses must be protected from. Quatrenal philosophy requires reconciliation between these forces.

With a clear realization that today’s world is preparing mentally and emotionally for the transition from the twentieth century into the twenty -first century, almost every human event can be seen as a precursor to better human conditions yet to come. Actions by so many nations around the world today can be seen as efforts to reposition themselves for an emerging “new world order”. Thus, the language of the New Age appears to be moving into mainstream dialogue on an international scale.  However, the Old Guard continues to repackage themselves just to claim credit for causing beneficial world changes while desperately trying to outflank the New Age leadership and forestall their ascendance by whatever means necessary. However, what the New Age leadership needs to do is embrace and acknowledge the accomplishments of the Old Guard because in reality, the children of the new Age are the offspring of those brave men who make up the Old Guard. Both have their heart in the right place, only their focus is different; each are the product of their own group history.

b) Quatrenal philosophy calls for a dialogue between the Old Guard and the New Age. The transition facing this nation and the rest of the world is greater than a mere generational transition; it is a transition from one phase of human history to another. Therefore, the Old Guard, as a generational group should not take the dialogue of the New Age as a personal affront to all their cherished beliefs. Likewise, the New Age should take into consideration the anguish caused to, and resentment felt by the Old Guard when they hear New Age political rhetoric. The age of “fishers of men” is coming to a close, and the age where “men and women become liken to angels” is emerging.

When all men and women are called to participate on an equal level in the future history/herstory of this nation in an atmosphere where everyone is expected to give their best effort to succeed, and when success is measured not by how much one individual can achieve but also by how much that same individual can motivate others to achieve as well, then this nation will have taken its first steps towards entering into a “new domestic world order”, a preparatory step needed to create a Quatrenal society.

c) The fruits of a Quatrenal society are great, but long before that fruit can ever ripen to be harvested there is a great deal of groundwork to be laid. So, although the tesseract represents man’s vision of a finite snapshot of the infinite realm of the fourth dimension and is the last geometrical symbol available to science that addresses the concept of infinity within the confines of finite reality, before getting into purely theoretical hypothesis of higher dimensions, I must endeavor to discuss dimensional reality beyond the fourth dimension as it relates back to Quatrenal philosophy.


THE FIFTH DIMENSION: has no geometrical representation within the known sciences; however, within Quatrenal philosophy the fifth dimension represents a dynamic and necessary force – the controlling force of self-discipline. While the fourth dimension represents unlimited potential, expressed by the planes of the tesseract extending infinitely into space, without a controlling discipline to focus that potential (by bending it back upon itself and thus controlling and directing that potential ) all the infinite potential in the universe would be hopelessly and meaninglessly wasted. Therefore, Quatrenal philosophy creates its own geometrical representation of the fifth dimension by borrowing form nature.

The fifth dimension as imaged by Quatrenal philosophy is seen as a disciplining force similar to the force of gravity that caused the expanding gasses of the universe to turn and spin back upon itself until it cooled to make the galaxies, stars and planets that still spin about in the universe. Therefore, a good example of the fifth dimension as imaged from a Quatrenal perspective is our very own planet Earth. Our Earth spins about its axis and its own disciplining gravity allows for life to be sustained on its surface.

Likewise, as the macrocosm is manifested in the microcosm, our human experience similarly demands a controlling discipline to focus our infinite potential (by bending our formidable God given will-power back upon itself so that we can recognize our place within creation) otherwise we will drift through life dominated by the residue of someone else’s dreams and good or bad self-expression, instead of recognizing our own responsibility and value to ourselves within creation.

a) The Quatrenal minded individual who has reached the level of fifth dimensional perception is someone who knows his/her own self-worth. They are self-motivated individuals, who are unyieldingly optimistic about life. These individuals are not dependent on the angry voices of factionalism, the shifting sands of policy guided by fashion or the stroking hands of media generated agendas; they judge for themselves what is culturally and socially significant in their lives. Their judgment is based on the years of effort that they have put forth to improve their own life and ultimately the lives of others through their self-discipline and self-sacrifice. These are the philanthropic minded individuals who see life as a great gift to be cherished and service to others as a great cause.

b) From the endeavors of these individuals there is generated an atmosphere that is unobtainable through any other pursuits. This is the atmosphere from which a true national culture evolves. This atmosphere comes about naturally and of its own accord; and yet it is so enchanting that every effort is made to duplicate it artificially by every other sector that has the resources to attempt the effort. But none of them truly come close because this atmosphere cannot be artificially induced or duplicated.

c) This atmosphere by itself is what Quatrenal philosophy refers to as the sixth dimension.


THE SIXTH DIMENSION:  has no geometrical equivalent within the known sciences, so like the fifth dimension, we must again borrow from nature. Simple observation tells us that as the earth spins about on its axis, its own disciplining gravity allows for life to be sustained on its surface. However, focused observation allows us to see that without a life sustaining and supportive atmosphere there can be no life on that surface. Therefore, discipline alone is not enough; it must be accomplished within a supportive atmosphere to be of lasting value. The U.S. military found this out in WWII and introduced the buddy system to provide the supportive atmosphere needed to shore up the morale that discipline alone could not accomplish; it requires a supportive atmosphere to be of lasting value.

The sixth dimension, as imaged by Quatrenal philosophy, is seen as the life giving atmosphere on the surface of the Earth; also known as the Earth’s environment. Our human imagination once equated the state of the seasons, the weather, crop yields, farm animal yields, wild animal populations, … etc… to the state of mind of a higher being, where the human factor played no role and had no influence. Today we are greatly aware of the human impact on the Earth’s atmosphere, i.e., environment, and how fragile the global environment really is. Yet we still distance ourselves from the idea that we are an intrinsic part or the earth’s environment. Patriarchal philosophy speaks of the conquest of nature. Quatrenal philosophy speaks of our role as nature’s guardians <angels>. Nature is the creative force in action, and through nature we can see and serve the inherent creative force within ourselves.

a) Individually, we manifest and project an atmosphere of our own that identifies the kind of person we are and the kind of family we belong to, or will create. The individual with Quatrenally identified fifth dimensional awareness, projecting a benevolent spirit that creates and supports an acculturating sixth dimensional atmosphere is the catalyst for responsible social and cultural maturation. 

There is a sense of awe that we feel when we witness the life force in nature renewing and regenerating the world around us each year; and yet we fail to realize that the atmosphere that brings about the renewed environment around us each year is also responsible for the regenerative nature within us, i.e. the life force in action.

When the culture of a society evolves because that society is maturing naturally, and the resultant atmosphere accompanying their natural social and cultural maturation causes the citizens of that society and culture to care greatly about the well-being of each other, themselves, and the process that they are witnessing as participants, then citizens of that society can justifiably be very proud of each other, themselves and their leadership.

b) Therefore, the sixth dimension according to Quatrenal philosophy is the atmosphere that precedes creative activity. Without the self-discipline of the fifth dimension, the sixth dimension cannot exist. And in order for a society to consciously endeavor to mature en masse to the level of a sixth dimensional cultural environment, the citizens of that society must adopt a fourth dimensional conception of trust in their collective potential, accompanied by a fifth dimensional code of self-discipline ethics.

In nature, it took a nurturing atmosphere/environment for life to even begin, let alone survive over millions of years. Today, that environment is threatened by the undisciplined way we manage our own industrial development and subsequent industrial waste. Accordingly, as a society, we are threatened by the undisciplined way we deal with our greatest resource, our own children; treating a great proportion of that resource like unwanted waste.

Regardless of their individual potential, our children are routinely segregated along economic lines of importance, based on their parent’s income, generally without regard to the source of that income. Those who cannot afford the extra resources needed to gain access to the best academic facilities are shuffled off to mere holding areas that do little to prepare them to serve themselves or society in general. It is small wonder that children treated as unwanted waste grow up to trash the society that forgot about them.

c) In a Quatrenal philosophy society, all children are valued as primary resources for that society’s continued existence, just as humankind is the primary resource to carry the God-spark of creation forward within the known universe. This gets us into the Quatrenal imaging of the seventh and final dimensional universe that human will-power is allowed to govern. The seventh dimension is the dimension of humankind, and the extent to which humankind can believe in itself and its God-given dreams; and its ability to fulfill those dreams.


THE SEVENTH DIMENSION: does not conform to geometrical representations of known sciences; just like the fifth and sixth. So, again we return to nature to mold an example. However, nature has an ally in religious literature. The Bible illustrates how the Creator borrowed matter from nature to create humankind in the very image of the Creator. Humankind thus consists of two natures, that of the first six dimensions as outlined in this manuscript and a separate and unique nature bestowed by Creation – the seventh dimension. The seventh dimension reflects the mystery of humankind itself. We are the seventh dimension.

The way we see ourselves, and how much of ourselves we see in others, reflects our understanding of the seventh dimension. If we are each a reflection of the Creator, then we must see each human birth as a new cell in the body of the Creator here on earth.

a) A nation is more than just a political and economic union of people. It has the potential to become an awakened embodiment of the Creator, if and when humankind matures to the conscious level of the seventh dimension. Patriarchal philosophy teaches us to think of the Creator as a distant force that once walked the earth in ages past, but today makes only cameo appearances at select locations (churches) like any other well-known entertainment superstar. 

b) If we are the children of God, like any group of children we must grow and mature. If the Creator has provided a home for us to grow and mature, then we must care for that home and make it the greatest place to live instead of trashing and exploiting it. We cannot simply whine to give up, and attempt to retreat to rejoin our Creator every time we do not want to face up to the individual work we have to do to make our world a better place for all mankind.

If we know that we have been given free will, then we must use it wisely instead of selfishly. There is a force that accompanies our will, and by focusing that force we can accomplish any goal, and master any task. However, we have not matured enough to understand that we are each a crystallized fraction to the total will of the Creator here on earth. For all intents and purposes, this is our time; and each of us must grow to the full measure of our capability because every element of creation appears to be the seed for some greater purpose, including ourselves. Thus, Quatrenal philosophy sees every individual as a God-seed that carries forward the will of the Creator. And, just as there are predatory forces in nature, there are predatory individuals who attempt to usurp the authority and license of others and suppress their free will in matters of faith.

c) According to Quatrenal philosophy, a seventh dimensional individual is unyielding in their faith in themselves and their personal alliance with Creation. They are steadfast in the belief that when individuals of a nation devote themselves to the purpose of carrying forth the God-seed of Creation, the result will be a nation of people dedicated to each other’s well-being; mental, physical, and economic well-being. When we become openly responsible for the maturation of ourselves as well as each other, then we will have become openly responsible for the maturation of this nation. 

This nation is still functioning consciously as an adolescent stage; its divine purpose has been to bring together many divergent segments of the world’s population and forge a new human bond that is free of regional, tribal, racial, sexual, and religious prejudice; Creation has answered the unselfish prayers, hopes, and dreams of all those cultures around the world for generations who yearned for such a nation. But to do this successfully, to mature as a nation into our destiny, “we the people” of this nation have to openly forge a unity based on a philosophy that is unique to ourselves. The rest of the world will take notice of that philosophy just as it has taken notice of every other success that this nation has had to offer during its young history/herstory.



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